Monday, November 09, 2009

where has all the daylight gone...

...when will I ever learn?
(let's see how many of you are old enough to get that one! ha!)

Holy crap the days are shorter! By the time I had makeup on and a free moment to shoot pics of the (now finished) big white yarn-y thing, the daylight was gone! I will get it tomorrow. Promise.

Meanwhile, here is something else I knit recently that I haven't shared here on the blog yet.

Yarn: less than a skein of Malabrigo Sock, Tiziano Red
Needles: US 6

Start: Sept 25th
Finish: Oct 21st
(it was actually a fairly quick knit, but I put it down to work on other projects...and to spin!)


Okay. So tomorrow. Big white project thing. And the day after, I'm going to finally go back and tell y'all about that retreat with Nancy Bush and Sally Melville. Hold me to it.


~Donna~ said...

Damn...I remember...gah...

Was thinking as I was looking at your little shawl that...hmmm...I've seen that already..then remembered I hearted it on Ravelry! :)

Anonymous said...

Long time passing ... gone to winter, every one ...

What a beautiful semicircle of fabric!

Ammobunny said...

It is beautiful ... and so is the song, if a bit on the depressing side. :) As a military person, I guess I should be less sensitive about it, eh?

TheAmpuT said...

Donna ~ yah, serious Rav to Blog lag time, dude LOL

anonymous ~ I'm so glad someone got the reference LOL

Ammobunny ~ yes, indeed. Beautiful and sad. And sensitivity is a good thing :-) I should probably be a bit more sensitive about it myself.