Monday, January 04, 2010

3 crips roll into a bar...

If you are getting this post, it's because I'm on vacation.
I am either having way too much fun, or I am recovering from it ;-)

The weekend after Thanksgiving, I went for the very first time to the Dickens Fair in San Francisco. We met up with a couple of friends of mine who go regularly and have either worked there before (as a character, in full costume), or they just attend as a visitor (but still in full period costume).

It was a great day out. Sort of like going to a Renaissance Fair, but I actually liked it even more. It was sort of "squooshed together" to feel like the streets of London, and it was jammed full of interesting shops and shows and all sorts of goings on. Characters would come up and engage us as we walked around (like a chimney sweep offered my kid a job, and so did a guy that was looking for a small person to fit through windows).

True to form, MyFavoriteKid bitched the entire ride over to the Fair about "why did he have to go to this stupid thing," and of course once he got there, he had a total blast. I knew he would. And even if he didn't have fun, it was perfectly in line with his schoolwork because they were in the midst of reading The Christmas Carol together as a class. This just totally brought it alive. I mean, hey.....

...he got to actually SEE one of the ghosts (that no one else but Ebenezer Scrooge can see) LOL.

He also got to see Mr.Dickens himself, by peeking through the windows of his home as he dined with family and friends.

Oooh, and he got to take dueling lessons with TheMostImportantGuy.

I have to say, it was a little odd watching my Favorite and MostImportant people arming themselves against each other LOL (the kid won, btw).

My personal highlight for the day though, was to head on over to "The 3 Cripples Pub" for a little drinky-poo.

Please note that behind me there are two other "cripples"---hahahahaha.


Linda said...

Just found your blog through Ravelry. I think you are hilarious and have an amazing outlook on life! I'll be back to see what you're up to.

Jennie said...

That is too funny. My kid can be the same way ("I'm NOT going to like it, Mooooom").

So when you left the pub, did they have to rename it The 2 Cripples pub? LOL