Monday, January 11, 2010

calling in sick

Well, calling in "migraine", actually.
This headache business has been going on for awhile and as of late picking up in both frequency and intensity. I am in the recording and tracking phase right now to see if I can figure out the cause.
Being that I didn't have a single issue while traveling though, it sure makes me wonder if I am allergic to home.
Ugh. Horrid notion.

Anyhow, more tomorrow.


Connie said...

I live a bit north of you and have been getting headaches when the weather changes (high or low pressure). Maybe keep track of that too...
Enjoy your blog!


~Donna~ said...

Spence and I have flu-like symptoms. Thankfully no headaches. Yet.

jodi said...

Food, hormones, weather changes and noise are all factors for me. They work their evil magics in endless combinations. I've been able to track and eliminate some of it (the food, mostly) but the causes can be so complex. Good luck!

Dani said...

I'm not a sufferer of migraines myself, but my sister has dealt with them for years. Everything Jodi mentioned can be a trigger for her, along with - wait for it, this is mucho weird - a full moon. She's been tracking her symptoms on and off for nearly ten years, and there seems to be a correlation with the full moon leading to more severe symptoms, or if something is *sometimes* a trigger, if the moon is full, it will definitely happen. Good luck sorting yours out!

Barb said...

1. Aspartame (for sure) and (I can't prove it, but avoid them anyway) other artificial sweeteners.
2. Poor sleep.
3. Hormones/menstrual cycle. I'm on the pill two months at a time now, and the week I'm off, I have a migraine for a good four days.
4. Too much sugar.
5. Anxiety.

I've reduced the number I have with a combination of tracking the above and prescription meds (Lamictal for prevention, and a couple different ones from the triptan family for relief). But the ones I do get are more severe, so I've also started taking Topamax. From getting 12 migraines in six weeks, I've had two in four. (And those two I could have headed off if I'd realized what I was doing more quickly.)

Migraines suck, but you can get a handle on them. Best of luck!