Friday, March 19, 2010

salon is gone

Back from the salon.
No drastic changes.

The haircut is pretty much the same. It's the color that's different. I previously had lots of stripes going on, and now it's more in layers and with less contrast between the color choices. Hard to tell from the photo, but it's very dark brown underneath, chocolate brown on top, and some shots of an even lighter brown scattered about. I still have a couple of blondy-blonde streaks shooting out from underneath. I like them. Good thing, 'cuz they probably will never fade--they are so bleached out I'll probably have to grow them out!


This past week has been ridiculously hectic, made even more challenging (hmmm...should I say "sucktacular"??) by MyFavoriteKid. He is making a mess out of his school situation (again). His pattern it would seem, is to forget a task or assignment, or to not understand something that is being taught (ie. he falls behind just a wee bit), and rather than just nip it in the bud and deal with it, he just kinda hopes it will go away (oh yah, baby--great strategy).

Every. Single. Day. This. Week. I have discovered one more missing assignment, one more non-comprehended concept, one more unsuccessfully buried thing. It's been grand (insert sarcasm). I'm seriously displeased, but I am also seriously helping him to find a better way of doing things. Teaching those skills, however (especially since I do not necessarily possess them myself...come see my garage of shame), is sucking the life out of me. Not to mention any possibility of free time. I mean, like even just grabbing a cup of tea to keep my head on straight, it seems. Guess I shouldn't be complaining. I did at least have time to get my hair done (but we were talking scary roots, dudes).

I always feel bad when I admit I am thrilled that he is heading off for his dad's for the weekend (like this weekend--yay!). I know parents that have never spent a day away from their kid and/or miss them terribly once they are parted. Me? I think if I didn't get a break a couple of days a month, I might need a rubber room and a coat with fancy sleeves. Or a big bottle of vodka. I am happy to report that I need neither, but it is only because I DO get that break. If I don't recharge, I don't parent all that well.

Ya' know, when I was in my early 20's I read the book Gift from the Sea. Taking a break and recharging in order to be more functional as a nurturer (and a useful member of society) is pretty much the premise of the whole book. I read that book YEARS before becoming a parent.

Maybe I should reread it.


=Tamar said...

I think kids (after they're old enough) benefit from a break, too. Occasional sleepovers with a friend are another way to work it.