Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a bit of ringing in my ears

I was asked to be a chaperon today at the District Band Festival.
9am to 4pm, five middle school bands....all getting chance to perform in their individual groups and get feedback and instruction from the high school band teachers. This also means that as each school was waiting their turn to play, they all got a chance to practice being "good audiences" for the other four bands (heh. yah-right.)

Actually, MyFavoriteKid's teacher was pretty swift. She had her kids filling out a worksheet, writing down the names of the songs the other schools performed, what their critique of the performance was, and what feedback was being given by the high school teachers. I love her. Smart cookie.

My bit in all of this was to chaperon kids to and fro down the hallways to the bathrooms so they didn't disturb the rest of the building (this field trip was being held at the big high school auditorium), and to also help getting the kids their lunches, and making sure they were where they were supposed when they were supposed to be there.

After lunch, the high school drum corps and the high school jazz band came in and showed them what it all looks and sounds like if they continue on past middle school. Then all five middle school bands got on stage together to perform two pieces that they have each been working on in their respective schools.

That's when I was starting to think I should have brought some earplugs LOL.

Whoooooole lotta band, dudes.
It even took them having two conductors so the kids could all see the direction, one mirroring the other.

Long day. We just got home. Just inhaled some dinner and fed the pets, changed our clothes (MyFK into formal band uniform), and we are back out the door again, because the whole she-bang (individual band and collective band pieces) is being repeated tonight as a full length concert. The high school bands are also going to drop in a do a few numbers. Wont be home until probably 930 or 10, so it's a late one for mid-week.

It's a neat evening. Just a very long day.
Oh, hey....I did actually manage to knit a few rows here and there in the middle of all this, though.
Not so bad ;-)


Jodie said...

So many band teachers loose their hearing. I've had to occasionally wear earplugs while playing.

We did very similar events for orchestra too, with a little less volume. ;)