Friday, March 12, 2010

the lift team

I was just talking to TheMostImportantGuy's Dad the other day, about "The Lift Team".

(OH. Update! TheMIG's Dad is out of the regular hospital and is doing well, but healing slowly. He's been moved to a fancy extended care facility to get some Physical Therapy until he's stronger. There may be a small round of chemo on the horizon, just to be safe.)

So TheMIG's Dad was talking to me about how strong the nurses and PT's are, and it sort of had this "kinda surprises me 'cuz they're girls" tone to it. So I told him about TheLiftTeam.

See, now when I was in the ICU after my accident, the nurses did not (well, did very little) moving of me. The hospital had a system in place so they would not injure themselves. When patients like me needed to be transported from the bed to a gurney to get into some other treatment room, or like when I was learning to get up and down but still needed help, the ICU nurses when get on the horn and call for TheLiftTeam.

A few minutes later, three (hot) strapping young dudes would show up and pick me up and move me.
*big fat grin*

Although there was lots of celebrating to be had as I recovered and became more self-sufficient, there was a certain amount of sadness in having to say goodbye to TheLiftTeam.

Anyhow. I was clickin' around the internet the other day, and ran into this here video of a crazy robotic panda shakin' up TheLiftTeam's job security:

I think I'd still prefer the hotties.
Although if laughter is the best medicine, this panda thing might just do the trick ;-)

I actually think I could use one of these around the house just to get me out of bed in the morning.
Wonder if I could train him to bring me coffee.


Mouse said...

That panda is sort of creepy.. or maybe I've just watched waaaaay too much Doctor Who.

The Bon said...

When we were waiting for mom to get out after her surgery we were having a good giggle over the calls over the loudspeaker for lifting. "Three for lifting in room 503 please!"

~Donna~ said...

I prefer being man handled by hotties. hahahahaha...sorry just got back from a trip and I'm punchy.