Wednesday, March 17, 2010

still an "a" student

Ahhh, yes. "Bring A Parent To School Day" today.
(thank goodness it was a minimum day, I can only take so much LOL)

First block, Advanced Band (advanced for middle school, that is):

They were working on a medley of pieces from the Lord of The Rings movie soundtrack. I loooove LoTR, so that made for an awesome morning. Even when it was out of tune it was great.
Didn't hurt any that I got to knit while I listened.

Then on to Language Arts:

Much discussion about the book they are reading, "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry". They also discussed a video they watched last week about the Birmingham Children's March. Very cool of the teacher to connect the issues with kids their own age. I dig her. I also brought in a t-shirt I had picked up for her that says, "I'm so adjective, I verb nouns!" She loved it (I knew she would).

Then it was the lunch break, and MyFavoriteKid (maybe I should take the Favorite away for this paragraph) asked me to eat lunch away from him and his buddies. DangedAsswipeMiddleSchooler. LOL
As it turns out, I wasn't the only parent that happened to, and so a few of us made our own little lunch club. Screw them. That turned out pretty great anyhow because one of the ditched parents was my physical therapist! (small world)

Ok, then it was Algebra 1:

They had a test.
I had more knitting.

The most entertaining class for me today was the last period: Social Studies. They're studying Medieval Japan, and today was their test covering the last 3 Chapters. The teacher asked (with a bit of a giggle-snort) if any of the parents wanted to take the test, too. I jumped at it. I think that might have pissed the other parents off. For some reason I guess that meant they all had to take it. Ha.

It was actually not an easy test! It was good for me to see how hard MyFK has had to work in the class to do good.

49 questions, I missed 3 ;-)
(the parent/guy next to me only answered maybe 10 and got most wrong)

Sure didn't hurt me any that a whole bunch of the questions were about how buddhism got to Japan and how zen played into the role of being a samurai (*mwahaha*). Also didn't hurt any that I know what haiku is, why a samurai would know how to do a tea ceremony and why he would perform one, and that I know what Noh Theater is. It also didn't hurt any that I have read the Pillow Book.
Oh, and that I have seen Kill Bill a couple of times.



Gwen said...

But only sometimes is it the right textbook for the test...

(show off :)

My son still likes me at school, but he's only in 2nd. I like getting into the classroom during the day, eavesdropping a bit. They're so much their own selves, not just whining for something. ahem. (No whining ever happens in my house)

JennaKate said...

Nice work, mom! Sounds like a pretty good school, too.

~Donna~ said...

Very cool! Yay for you on the test. Just wait 'til he gets to high school. The whole parent blow-off thing gets worse.