Monday, March 15, 2010

what a combo

I've got the PostPerformanceLetDown/Hangover mixed in with the DaylightSavingsTimeWarp, and it's totally messing with my equilibrium.

It was cold here in the morning (upper 30's), but in the upper 60's (maybe even low 70's) during the day, and I even have some windows open now and it's 10:15.

The dog is outside on the back step having his "evening sit", which he does every night after dinner, but he wont come in because he's listening to frog mating season or something out there. Lots o' frog racket. But it's nice :-)

I ran around doing all sorts of whatnot today, and haven't knit since I-dunno-when, so I'm going go do a few rows now, and listen to the serenade.