Thursday, April 29, 2010

the blob in the background

Ok guys, that was NOT dog poo or dog barf in the background there in yesterday's photo.

(Riley, reprise)

That splotch you see on the floor there is actually a DOG COOKIE.

I think maybe it's the cookie shaped like a squirrel ;-)

Now you may wonder how a person would ever be able to get a photograph of a dog cookie just laying there next to a dog. Most dogs (at least every dog I have ever been around--besides this one), you give them a cookie, they scarf it down.

Not Riley.
Riley does something we here at the CasaDeAmpuTeeHee fondly call "CookieManangement." Dang, I should trademark that. "CookieManagement(tm)."

Riley spends ALL. DAY. LONG.
  • Licking the cookie.
  • Burying the cookie in piles of throw pillows.
  • Hiding the cookie in his dog bed.
  • Hiding the cookie underneath chew toys.
  • Moving the cookie to a new hiding place anytime he hears a dog bark outside.
  • Moving the cookie to a new hiding place anytime he hears a dog bark on television.
  • Moving the cookie to a new hiding place anytime he or sees anything on the the television resembling a four-legged anything (he sometimes even hides the cookie from ladies on the television with big hair).
  • Taking the cookie outside and laying it the sun.
  • Bringing the cookie back inside.
  • Moving the cookie from place to place to place for no apparent reason.
  • Making sure the kittehs do not get too close to the cookie.
  • Leaving the cookie in the middle of the hallway where I am certain to roll over it in my wheelchair, dividing it into two pieces thereby making it a REAL dilemma for him to manage.
Never on that list though has been leaving the cookie in plain view and peering out from behind the wall at me with a guilty look on his face. I have no idea what this means (speak, Riley! speak!).

CookieManagement(tm) is a day-long ordeal. At some point during the day the cookie is eaten. Sometimes I see it happen, sometimes I don't.


Mouse said...

Cookie Management? Boy.. its certainly becoming CasaDeSpecialCookie around there, isn't it?? hee hee. ;)

Carol said...

Nice try but I still think it's barf. (;

Riley sounds like a dollbaby....

~Donna~ said...

hee hee hee, too funny!

My Mom's dog doesn't leave anything left - all gone within nanoseconds...

Denise said...

So nice that he is easily amused ;)

Linda said...

bafshetLOL! If I give my dog a big biscut like that she will bury it. If I don't want to find it in my bed later I have to break it into much smaller pieces.
Too funny. He does look guilt about something though:)

carleigh said...

OMG. I am laughing so hard I'm choking.