Monday, April 26, 2010


I have been picking up some very unusual (well, unusual for me) colors of yarn lately. Greens, oranges, yellows, golds...just not stuff I normally am drawn to. Maybe it's the season. Maybe those yellow socks I knit last year broke the color barrier for me.

Anyhow, in the mail today arrived this:

...and I tried to resist its charms for a couple of hours (because I am working on something else already and I really want to finish for crying out loud), but my new delivery very quickly became this:

And then seeing it all wound up all nice and tidy like that very quickly became my matching the yarn up with a pattern, whipping out the needles, and casting-on. I have been wanting to make this little shawl/scarf thingy called Herbivore for awhile, and so there ya' have it. Off we go.

I did the fiddly little cast-on. I did the set up rows. I did one repeat of the first section.

And then I realized that when I had assembled my interchangeable needles together for this project, I had picked two differently sized needle tips.
(for the non-knitters this means that some very wonky knitted fabric is the result)
Yay me.

(starting over)



Glad I am not the only wonky one in this world.

By the way, Have you friended your ex on facebook? I did, he accepted, (19 years after the divorce,) and it felt solidly strange. But right, somehow.

polly hoover said...

I love this yarn IN ANY COLOR!!

Knitika said...

Lovely bugga! I'm actually planning the exact same shawl in my first bugga.

I just wanted to offer friendly condolences/sympathy on the interchangable mixup. I knit many many rows of my first attempt at double knitting and just as I was starting to get the hang of it, I discovered I had one size 7 tip and one size 5 tip.

Hannah said...

Love the colors. What is it about it that is so everyday and yet so absolutely extraordinary at the same time? Perfect.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing this all over ravelry. Great color!