Monday, April 05, 2010

coming going

I know it's not a good thing for me to project into the future (much better to live in the moment, to be sure)...but I'm already dreading tomorrow morning.

First day back at school for MyFavoriteKid, a nightmare of a commute in order to make an early morning meeting with a real estate agent/attorney in town, then I visit both convalescent hospitals.

I'm sure it'll be fine. Even just typing it, it doesn't seem so big of a deal anymore. I just know there will be some sort of scramble in the darkness before the sun even comes up, is all.

I'm thinking I should finish up here and get to bed so I rise and shine.

Instead of worrying about tomorrow, it may be an even better idea to look back at a good moment from today, instead....

MyFK and his friends are working on shooting a video for a school project at a nearby public park at the waterfront. For a couple of hours I got to sit in the car, knit, listen to an audio-lecture on cd, watch the clouds go by, and the rain off in the distance over the water. It was pretty great.
Calm comes.
Calm goes.
Scrambling comes.
Scrambling goes.