Thursday, April 15, 2010

oooo it almost got away from me!

Almost blew Blog365 tonight!
Got home from dance class tonight quite late, shut the house down, got all nice and tucked in, and then....*bing!*...HolyCrapItsAlmostMidnightAndI'veNotPosted!

And I've got nothin'.

Hmmm. Let's see. Well, I have a nice weekend planned, I think. MyFavoriteKid is off with his dad. That may very well bite me in the arse next week because MyFK has a whole bunch of homework to do over the weekend, and his dad doesn't exactly always manage the follow-though. In fact, he's often PartyParent, and then MyFK comes home and I get to be TheBitchEnforcer. Hate that.
But back to the nice weekend: date night with TheMostImportantGuy Friday night. Saturday we are both going to retreats at meditation centers, but not at the same place. So that will be kinda interesting to compare notes at the end of the day. And then Sunday, well...I'm not sure what's going on yet at this point, and I kinda like that :-)

Better click this through so it posts before I turn into a pumpkin!


~Donna~ said...

you made it! I've got a big weekend planned too. Mine is with his dad too, but he's good about keeping up with his own homework now!

Soon MyFK will get the idea and be able to keep up with it all on his own.