Friday, April 02, 2010

Pet Names

(guest post by TheMIG due to too TheAmpuT having too many chores before bedtime):

Hello everyone.

I was going to write about all the permutations her name has gone thru as I've made ever-more intricately silly pet names for her. But then she pointed out that her real name has not been mentioned on this blog, and we'd like to keep it that way, so all my pet names for her may give it away since they're not all THAT different from her real name.

So, how about the names of actual pets? Here's the list of cats I've lived with (the bold text) who were given fairly normal names which, over time, morphed into crazy nonsense-names. You will notice a few recurring patterns:

Tad (cuz he was so little kitten)
Tadlingtone Face
Tone Face

New Mew (cuz she was he newest cat in he house)
Newpus Mewpus
Newpus Poopus

Pimento Loaf

Bone Face
Facey Face
Fusty Mew (cuz in her old age it just seemed to fit her cranky personality.. she was just all ... FUSTY)

Gaara Bobara
Gaara-gaara bobara banana fana fofara me mi mo mara
Kitt-ing-tong (whaa?!?!)

Mr. Darcy
Darcy Farcy
Darce The Pharce

She's done with chores and coming to bed so I'm logging off! (Dog is in bed too ... Riley, aka Rile-a-roni).


Pickyknitter said...

My cat Rhiannon morphed into Anna, and my dog Lu went thru a series of increasingly silly name changes until she ended up as Bluebell!

wv briano: what would Briano Boitano do?

Lorena said...

I like the way you think, MIG! Many of our pet names morph, also, and they mostly wind up having to do with being fussy or poopy. Or both. ;-)

Carol said...

My cat was named "Beulah" and she became Beu, The Beu, Beu-ee-beu, Beutitia, etc. and then we started substituting "Beu" for "you" in pop songs: "Beu are so beautiful, to me...." etc.