Wednesday, April 07, 2010

what you see depends on who you are

So this is a shot of what I call "TheArsenicHour".
(I should trademark that)

Looks calmer as a still photo than it is in real life.

The Kid on the left is complaining about having to do homework and/or needing assistance with said homework; assignments that I probably do not even understand (ie I am not Smarter than a 5th Grader, and he's in 7th).

The dog on the right is barking hysterically at something outside.

Me? Well, I'm nowhere in this shot because I am out of the frame on the left in the open kitchen trying to figure out dinner. (I'd rather be on the laptop sitting there, which is just begging me to be trolling ravelry, if you notice).

The only calm one in this photo is the Buddha statue out the back door there in the garden watching over the lettuce I just planted.

So what you see and what I see when you look at this photo are probably not the same. For example if you are my mother, what you see are the new little lamp shades on the chandelier LOL.

Perspective. Such an interesting thing.