Sunday, May 16, 2010

close to perfect. but not quite.

This was a really good weekend. A nice day yesterday, and hooo-boy, today was just awesome with the Ravelry Meet-Up and all.

Sadly, it took at turn. I picked up MyFavoriteKid from TheEx at 6pm as was basically greeted with, "I was supposed to do homework while I was at my dad's??"

Um, yah. Let's see. You went with him Friday night directly after you performed in your play, and I am now picking you up Sunday evening, and you packed all your school stuff with you becauuuuuuuse....why??

TheEx is always the party guy. I am always the party pooper.
Hence him being the EX.

Ok, so I was to come home a do some list making for you, but instead I have been keeping my kid on track, and also proof reading an essay he finished, and quite frankly if I have to spend one more goshdarned minute looking at a computer screen, I might lose my mind.

So I am going to tuck him in right now, pop in a dvd, and do some knitting.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying your knitting and DVD. When you come back to the computer, check this out--I found The Bobs performing the Chicken song I was trying to sing on Thursday, and they do a really good job of it! Let's see if I can get the link right: here


Kerry said...

Last minute homework is never any fun. Dan told me Thursday night at 7pm that he had a 5-7 page paper due the following morning that wasn't typed yet. Thank goodness someone in this house can type fast. He mowed the lawn today in return.