Tuesday, May 18, 2010


yah, I can't figure it out either, Riley

I had a "tucking in" phone call from TheMostImportantGuy late last night. He'd already read my post yesterday with the list of kvetching. He said, "Oh, that doesn't sound so bad. I was expecting much worse."

Well, yah. But as I have previously stated there are about eighteen things of this frustrating nature, and that was only four of them. There is something to be said for what happens to small things when they glom together in a larger mass, ya' know.

Here's another one for you.
The prosthetist and the physical therapist. The prosthetist has the computerized settings on the new leg set below where they should be. It is incorrect. He cannot set it correctly however, because I am weak and it's been over two years since I walked, and I kinda can't remember how. So I need to do some physical therapy to correct my gait and get me stronger. Once that happens, he can fix the settings and put them where they belong. The physical therapist however, does not want to put in the order requesting PT sessions, until the settings are where they should be because when they are in the wrong place, I can't walk correctly.

I have finally pushed the PT to place the order with the agreement that I will work my butt off and then to get back with the prosthetist to fix the setttings as quickly as possible.

BUT! The only time the PT can see me this entire week is TODAY AT 10AM (the same time the State of California wants me in their office with a stack of paperwork, of which they just notified me last two business days ago), and the day that I would go see the prosthetist for the tweaks to the computer, would be THURSDAY (the same day the stupid drama teacher decided to plan her last minute cast party).


Add to that needing to deal with the math department, the fact that one of my co-dance teachers did a little flip out on me when I asked to miss ONE WEEK of dance class this summer (I guess no vacations for me this year!), the stupid delivery issue about the refrigerator, the fact that I probably need to replace the heating and air conditioning units in my house and I'm pretty sure the guy who came buy to give me a quote is trying to shaft me, and......well.....trust me, I could go on....but I am sick to death of hearing myself.

What I'm trying to describe (and which TheMIG says I failed to illustrate in yesterday's post) is the current state of affairs with me, in general.

It goes something like my being asked:
How are you?

And my saying:
I'd be great! (if only you'd just get the frick outta my way).

My point is that I dont mind life's little issues. Dudes, I dont even mind dealing with life's BIG issues. But it really annoys the shit outta me when I am working as hard as I can to keep things moving, and everyone's spilling a bag of marbles out onto the floor in front of me.

So much for that Ravelry Meet-Up post.
I'll save that for tomorrow.

Right now I'm off to stop by the State Department for when their doors open at 8am so that I can tell them I can't stay for their 10am thing they assign3ed me to with short notice, because I had already been slated to be in PT, and if I miss the PT I also miss the prosthetist later this week, and I may never get walking.

At least after that I get to go visit the ladies at the convalescent hospital for our little knitting group.

It's rare they carry marbles.


jodi said...

Honey! Get thee to the Zen Centre.

Or, take that jankily-programmed leg down to the California State Department, kick their arses with it, then go to the Zen Centre.

Gwen said...

Ha! Sounds like a snowball domino marble effect.

Good luck kicking ass as needed.

~Donna~ said...

I agree with Jodi...I think that would be really good multi-tasking. PT and butt kicking. Ha!

Good luck with everything. {hugs}

BusyB said...

marbles (you gotta hate who invented them... :) ) as these ladies say KICK ass!

JennaKate said...

I hear ya, sister. Sending calming vibes your way. Like the cheesy poster with the kitten says, "If you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."

Jodie said...

If you ever want to talk about the walking thing, I'm here for ya!