Thursday, May 06, 2010

short n sweet

In fact, I'm not even here, if you don't mind. I left the teaching of dance class tonight to my co-dance teachers so I could sneak out early, get home, and get to bed. Tomorrow feels huge!

MyFavoriteKid needs to be ON THE BUS for a field trip AT 5:30AM---gah!---so we're gonna be up in the dark.

Then I have to drive into the city (south and west of where I live, by about an hour) for a physical therapy appointment.

And then after that, I have to drive into Napa proper (north of where I live, by about 20-30 minutes) for an appointment with the prosthetist, where if all goes well, I walk out wearing the El Fake-o Leg-o.

Big. Day. All the way around.
So I'm outta here. Bedtime!