Friday, June 25, 2010

now is not now when you are thinking of later

NOW: It's 10:10am and I am preparing to leave the house. Will not be returning until the wee hours of tomorrow morning probably. My day starts off with going to lunch at a Jewish Deli with my parents and friend of theirs whom I have been wanting to spend more time with; then out doing something fun (to be determined) with MyFavoriteKid until I take him to his dads for the weekend; then on to dinner with TheMostImportantGuy and his bosses; and after that out to an club to see an industrial-ish band. All of which is not happening "NOW", I do understand...but what IS happening "now" is that I am sitting here in my birthday suit because I cannot figure out wtf I can wear that works in all of those situations. I am destined to look ridiculous at in at least one of them.