Tuesday, July 13, 2010

it's morning and i'm hitting the road flat out and emo

Well I was already crying because I have to pack up and leave the retreat...

On the day of the best weather we've had so far...

And I just realized that my ring (the one that is not ridiculously significant in terms of where it came from**, but it's the one that I wear every single day) was lost somewhere yesterday sometime between dyeing class and now and could be who the fuck knows where....

And then Lorena sends me this:

...which is a total cry-frest.
(actually, I do love it...it's one of those emo-arent-people-just-the-best-thing-ever cries)

So I am now going to try to shrug it all off and start driving.
I have a nice evening pitstop tonight with friends and it will all be better.


edited to add:
** Ok, it is significant. I only said that it is not because it's nothing fancy, came from Kohl's, and I picked it out myself. But. I had a ring that I wore on my left ring finger that I bought right after I had my car accident. It said, "Protect This Woman," on it (in other words, I sorta married myself LOL). I swore to never take it off. It was a bit of a talisman, eh? Nine months after the car accident I had to take it off to have a second surgery. I asked TheMostImportantGuy to wear it for me during the operation. He has had it ever since, and he wears it on the same finger. The ring I lost yesterday was two sterling bands that cross-cross, and it was what took the talisman's place. I bought it myself and it was under $30, but that aint the point. These two rings have us "lookin' like we belong together".
So this is a bummer.

***I also broke my sunglasses. Can I go home now? LOL


Gwen said...

Well pooh. Leaving sucks anyway. Symbols are symbols, no matter where they came from and regardless of cost. You know that!

(the eagle kept it?)

Kathy said...

Oh shoot, I'm sorry you lost your ring! I have this feeling something significant will happen -- perhaps not finding your ring but finding something meaningful soon.

Lorena said...

*hugs*, you!