Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ooo, I need to add onto yesterday's list of what we did. We also went to IKEA yesterday. It was a very quick mad dash to the section of the store with bed linens.

For ages now, I have wanted to try getting rid of the king-sized comforter and replacing it with two twin-sized comforters to use instead. I've heard of lots of people doing this, but it has always seemed a little strange to me to make up a bed this way (I can almost here Martha Stewart telling me that I am not using the, "proper linens"....which is odd...because I am not at all in tune with the Martha in me or anything). I actually love using a king comforter when I sleep alone (which is actually most of the week), but unfortunately TheMostImportantGuy and I sleep so differently, that on the nights he stays here, it has been a problem.

He starts off the night feeling hot, so he either flops his side of the comforter right on top me (making it so that I am then too hot and "comforted"), or he lumps his side of the comforter into the middle of the bed making a big fat bulge of a dividing line between us, or he shoves the blankets all down to his feet pulling it off of me, too. Somewhere in the middle of the night, he retrieves the blanket, covers himself back up again, all snuggly-like. Sometimes he even flips it over his head like a hoodie or something.

I start off the night wanting to feel all cuddled up. I need my blankets to have a bit of weight to them to be happy in the first place, and I like them scrunched all the way up under my chin. In the middle of the night I turn over a lot, so they flap around a bit.

In other words: we don't really sleep together as well as we could.

So now we have two comforters. His is rated "cool" (rated a 2), mine is a "warm" (a 4). We have separate but matching duvet covers so I can still make the bed and have it sorta look like a unit.

Sorry so dark; I took that at 10pm!
And yes. I still sleep with stuffed animals. shut up.
L to R: PurplePony, BunnyMan, George

I'm still not sure if this solves our problems or not yet. We've only done one night together this way. He seemed to dig it. My "warm" seemed a bit too warm, and I might need to get a lighter weight option (perhaps I should have bought a 3?)....but the colder weather is coming. In fact it is....the early part of August. It should be baking hot here. But instead it's so cold I needed to put on a sweater and I am considering a hat. Usually this time of year I am in a tank top and shorts.


Mouse said...

Hubby and I used to do this with the sheets on the king sized bed.. 1 king size fitted sheet and 2 twin top sheets.. also separate covers. It is a little "weird" and its a pain to make up the bed but it sure beats killing each other for a good nights sleep.

~Donna~ said...

...whispering...I have animals too...and I carry around a Cow...

Great idea about the two covers, going to have to borrow it next time Honey visits.

I got all our comforters and pillows from IKEA. I'm allergic to down (surprise? not really) and they have a wonderful selection of "fake-down" stuff that is soft and comfy, just like "real-down".

Gwen said...

Oh yeah. It's the only way to do it. Husband and I have completely different covers. Him - 1 sheet, 1 blanket. Me - sheet, blanket, comforter, maybe another blanket. Looks a little funny, but that's an easy tradeoff.

The Bon said...

The ones we have are a 1 and a 3 that snap together. We've never needed both together, but 1 use the 3 in the winter and the 1 in the summer because it's still surprisingly warm.