Monday, September 20, 2010

buddhist haha

I'm so tired, I can barely stand myself. I did have a really good day today, though.

I had a nice online chat with TheBon this morning while I had my coffee.

I got to do the mid-day practice at the zen center (as if a whole weekend of floor-staring was not enough).

Then I saw TheScarDoctor, as I call him...the physical therapist that works on releasing the fascia around the many scars I have...I hadn't been able to see him since the end of May. It's not a comfy thing getting those worked on, but man do I feel better in the long run after seeing him.

I got several (not all, but I'll take several) things crossed off of my To-Do list.

Then I got a really awesome and unexpected care package in the mail, and I have to show you pics, but by the time I got it, the light was bad. Tomorrow!

So that's about all I can manage here tonight for now. It's about 10pm and I am going to force myself to ignore the rest of the housework and go to sleep instead.

I will leave you with a little buddhist humor:

A buddhist walks up to a hot-dog vendor and says,
“make me one with everything.”



Kathy said...

I love that joke. Glad you had a good day.