Sunday, September 12, 2010


I know I am not the only person out here wondering why time is flying by so quickly, why there is never a bottom to the pile of laundry, why the To-Do list is never completely crossed off, and how it happens that when one finally does find a crack in their schedule for themselves that something seems to come up and take it away.....

So why bother complaining about when I am preaching to the choir, right?? You all already know how it goes. Don't you?

Calgon. Take me away.


Gwen said...

Ha! Ain't it always so?

Though I'm not complaining too much. After weeks and months of minimal fiber stuff, only working on things if I can carry them around with me and get 5 minutes at a time - Yesterday, I finally finished (nearly a year later) a vest for the kid (zipper and all!). He's not wearing it today though. I did SomethingWrong! (ha!)

~Donna~ said...

You said it sister.

...who's got time for a bath?!?