Monday, September 06, 2010

testing, tinkering, knitting, cafe hopping, and writing really bad kid's stories

It's taking quite a bit of futzing around to figure out how to make a post in blogger from the iPad. They aren't the best of friends, and I'm the grand dork of all time when it comes to anything that has buttons or knobs. I had figured out how to email a post to my blogger account, and then I'd figured out how to get in a photo in there, too.

Tonight (with any luck) when I press "publish post" there will be multiple photos AND it will have text in between them, and I might even go overboard and try to add in a link....and then I'll be getting closer to this working just like it does from my laptop. Yay!

Boy and girl get up at 5am.
Boy and girl go to zen center for early morning practice.
See girl (try to) run! Run girl, run!

After practice, Boy and girl hunt down Blue Bottle Coffee in Emeryville.

Boy and girl drink beverages and eat booze laden coffee cakes.
"Yum!" they say, "YUM!"

Girl knits mystery socks.


Knit girl, knit!


Alrighty. Hope this works. LOL


MsAmpuTeeHee said...


~Donna~ said...

YAY! You'll be running the world from your iPad in no time. :)

Kathy said...

Nice sox!