Wednesday, October 20, 2010

pimp your winder **

I'm thinking I could really use a jumbo ball-winder.

Sometimes my standard-sized winder doesn't quite cut it!

It's not that I mind winding yarn by hand, but....a jumbo winder would be a nice addition to the arsenal, and so why not add one to the holiday wishlist, right? I've seen a few options out there, and so far the Strauch is my favorite), but I'm wondering if you guys have test-driven any of these or if you any thoughts.

** it was reallllllly hard not to title this post "do you have big balls?" but why invite the spam, eh?



I _like_ big balls.

The Bon said...

I have the strauch and love it. Their customer service is unbelievably good.

Ilix said...

The bigger the better! LMAO!