Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's been a rapid descent into illness today.

I did stay up a bit too late last night, but because ther is no school for MyFavoriteKid this week, I knew I'd be able to make it up on the flip-side (which I did) by sleeping in.

I volunteered at both convalescent hospitals and felt fine, but I was definitely moving through severe temerature changes. Forty-ish outside and god knows what inside... you do know they crank up the heat in these places for the residents. And then when it was time for lunch with James, they wouldn't make room for us to eat in the diningroom together!! We ate outside!! So I was out in the parking lot in the cold, then inside in the oven for a few, outside freezing for an hour (James takes a very long time to eat), then in the heat to clean up, then out to the cold parking lot, then into the warm car. In and out of the heat and cold a few more times as I picked up the last few food items for the big dinner....and then there it was.

The tickle. Started about 1:30 andmy usual drill for keeping ahead of it has failed. THIS SUCKS. There is too much to do.


Mouse said...

I hear ya.. I've been sick as a dog for about a week now and hubby comes home tonight. Tomorrow is insane cooking day (I mean Thanksgiving.. same thing right??) and I'm hoping I won't drop over in the mashed potatoes. *hugs*

Linda said...

Love the cartoon. hate the illness. Feel better soon.

Kathy said...

I hope you don't have so many Thanksgiving commitments that you can't just go to bed and get some rest. Feel better.

~Donna~ said...

I hear ya! Same thing here.

We've had trouble regulating temp in warehouse so I've been hot/cold too. My tickle started on the way to work. :(