Saturday, January 29, 2011

snaps on saturday

Did a little spinning yesterday. It soothed my nerves and I have almost reached my goal for the month. I just need to ply the second bobbin of singles. This was my first real Navajo-ply (I'd only done a small bit once in a plying class). My goals is to have two similar skeins of yarn that have long runs of color to make some fingerless gloves.

Today TheMostImportantGuy went to the morning practice at the zen center, grabbed a quick breakfast to go, and jetted straight over to the vet to pick up Teeny. She went in yesterday to get spayed and to have a couple of baby teeth removed that didn't come out when the adult teeth came in.

Check her out.

Coned. And stoned.
Pain meds for a couple of days, cone for two weeks ;-)


Pickyknitter said...

**drool** that is some nice spinning!

~Donna~ said...

stoner dog is cute.

yarn is purty!