Friday, March 04, 2011

another fine example of why i'm not feeling rested lately

Last night I had this dream about a squirrel. He was sitting on his hind legs. He had something tiny, round, and dark blue, in his hot little "hands", and it was squeaking and wriggling about. It was a hummingbird, and the squirrel was attempting to eat it. Several other hummingbirds were swooping at the squirrel and jabbing their beaks at him, trying to get him to loosen his grip on the bird he was attempting to turn into his evening snack.

I haven't looked up these symbols up in a dream dictionary, but I know what the analysis would be if coming from a Native American traditions (when you dream about animals, they believe the animal is a messenger, a totem).

A squirrel usually represents stashing or hoarding (think preparing for winter), and hummingbirds are the symbol for joy.

So my hoarder was killing my joy.


Mouse said...

I believe that hummingbirds also have to do with being constantly in motion & busy(since the birds themselves barely stop moving)-- I've had them come up before in dreams and I vaguely remember that from my animal totem book (which I would check with on this if the squirrel hoarders that live in my studio would stop burying things...)

Lorena said...

Don't forget the other hummingbirds were trying to get him to loosen his grip; I'd take that to mean that your joy is also trying to save you.

Lorena said...

PS. Speaking of hoaders, and getting rid of things, I got my tea! I keep forgetting to post about it, as I want to stage an appropriately gorgeous photo first. ;-)

Thank you! *smooches*