Monday, March 21, 2011


Ya' know, I spent weeks, months actually, at the end of 2010 thinking about what I wanted to accomplish here on the blog (and in the rest of my life, actually) this year.

I think I was very realistic when I set my goals. For the blog, I had ideas for how I would experiment with writing about the convalescent hospital work I do, and for how I could set up my writing time to allow for better editing. I set goals for spinning once a month, and I set goals for eating cleaner and healthier.

I'll say it again: I put a lot of forethought into setting my goals, and I set them very realistically. While they were by no means New Year's resolutions, I did decide to wait for the holiday crazy season to pass before implementing them.

And then December 31st we saw the house.
And then by Jan 3rd or 4th we had an offer going in.
And by mid-January it was accepted.
And by mid-February we were closing escrow.
And now here it is mid-March I am knee deep in only the preliminaries of neccessary instruction.

I think I need to reassess my goals. Let the pondering begin.


not supergirl said...

You are wise to know when to reassess instead of holding yourself to newly unreasonable goals. When circumtances change, so must expectations, right? Do whatever you can to take some joy in creating your new home.


thestashattacked said...

Sometimes that happens. Life gets in the way, and we can't always make the goals we were planning on work.

It happens to the best of us. Good luck on your new goals.