Saturday, March 19, 2011

snaps on saturday

The new house is in a town with a suffering economy and reputation and a high unemployment rate. This year it made the Top 10 list of "America's Most Dying Cities" due to the rate people are leaving.
It also has a thriving core of locals that are committed to riding out the storm and improving the situation. There are local blogs and neighborhood societies and the town has its very own little radio station. Many groups are working hard to promote the arts and create local activities, and many of them are theatrical and musical.

Tonight TheMostImportantGuy and I "played locals" (I say played, because even though we now own a house there, we aint even living in it yet), and we went to a bi-monthly comedy show that happens in a local eatery's banquet room.

Once the lights went down and the comics hit the stage, it was actually just as if I'd hauled my ass all the way into the city....except better. The show was only 10 minutes from home, the parking was easy, and the drinks and food were cheaper and tastier. And the comics were hilarious.

Look at a list of who's already performed at these things, you can see that most of the comics have appeared on television or have opened for national it's not an amateur night.

We are soooooo going to make this a regular thing :-)