Tuesday, March 15, 2011

stupid tired

I am not just tired, I am stupid tired.

Way tired, as in I am sooooo tired, that I just wrote an email to TheMostImportantGuy giving (not so positive) feedback about one of the contractors that we are interviewing, but I sent it TO the contractor instead of TheMIG.

Yay, me!



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Maggie said...

That's okay, actually ... or will be, after the dust settles. Most contractors never get negative feedback except in one of two forms: the customer walks without buying, or the customer buys without paying. Both of which say 'you're not doing something right' but they don't say 'this is what you're doing wrong.' Many small businesses go to great lengths to try to get genuine customer feedback, only to have the customer 'play nice' and try to say only positive things.

You probably did the contractor a huge favor by sending something heartfelt and uncensored.