Saturday, April 30, 2011

(no) snap on saturday

...because I didn't manage to get the camera out while anything interesting was happening.

What would really make for a great picture right now if the lighting weren't so dim, would be a close-up of my blood shot eyes.

The start of my day was waking up at 5:15am so I could make it to the zen center on time, and the end of my day was a couple of hours spent at various home supply staring at walls full of light fixtures (all turned on, of course).

Because we are re-wiring all the outdated electrical in at the new house, we now have to bring all of the fixtures up to code (and that would be California's new tight arsed energy efficiency standards, I might add). Now, I have noooo issue with choosing fixtures that will reduce the amount of energy we use. What I DO with is that since it is only California with all these crazypants rules around what kind of fixtures can go where, no national manufacturer is bothering to produce fixtures that meet Title 24 and still look good. VERY few choices.

Lots of other interesting things happened between the zen center and the wall of lights, though. TheMostImportantGuy's sister, brother-in-law, and niece came down to look at the house. The neighbor on our right came over and visited on our back porch for a bit, and we got to meet the people who belong to the house on right, which we just learned has actually been sneakily vacant (the mom died, so the dad moved to a senior village apartment, and the adult kids were by today to check up on the place). Then, someone hit and ran another vehicle right in front of our house, and ALL the neighbors came out to help....and I hated to benefit from something so dreadful (the diver was okay)....but since the neighbors all came out, I got to meet the rest o' the 'hood. Convenient.

I'm going to go tuck my tired eyes into bed now. G'night!