Thursday, April 28, 2011

okay. maybe not so bad.

So it turns out that my dad's doctor's appointment was not with an oncologist. It was with a hematologist.

See, my dad had some blood tests a couple of weeks ago that showed him to be showing signs of anemia, so they were going to refer him to a hematologist. What happened next though, was that they did a few more tests on Monday before the hematologist's office called, and then the next morning, after the tests, he gets an automated call to go in to see an oncologist toot sweet!! (scary!)

But as it turns out, the hematologist is part of the oncology department, so it was a bit of mix up. Even though Oncology called him to schedule an appointment, it was for something else.


Damn you Kaiser!!! *shakes fists in air*.

So. The hematologist says:
No signs of cancer. *phew* But signs of kidneys not pumping out enough of some protein or another, so their gonna do a couple more tests and get him over to the kidney specialist.

Not great news, true....still more testing to be done and things to be sorted out....but not neeeearly as bad.


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

So glad to hear that - I've been thinking about you! XO

Pep said...

If the doctor says, there are no signs of cancer ... It is great news.

Best wishes!