Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Out the door at 7:15am and not home until just after 8:30pm, driving all over the place and sucking up a half-tank of very expensive gas, going to three volunteer commitments, plus I ran about 18 errands in between. Tuesdays are loooong.

Worst: Arguing with my co-dance teachers during our weekly conference call about how to this week's class should be taught, and not having a resolution because I melted down.
Best: Making a quick pitstop this morning at the fabric store for a few spools of thread and finding that all the thread in then store was on sale 50% off (although discovering the "Animal Fries" on the secret menu at In-N-Out Burger was a pretty close second, though).

The thread I bought was so that I can do some hand-sewing on fabric cut that I will cut out of these old men's dress shirts:

I feel ridiculously compelled to cut these shirts up and turn them into hand-hemmed kitchen towels. Ridiculously compelled. I told Bridget about this plan of mine (Bridget is the lady at the convalescent hospital that has a walker-basket jammed full of yarn and she knits hat after hat after hat). I just knew she'd understand me. But she told me it seemed that I should just go buy a towel at the store.


I think what is going on with me is that I feel driven to take something vintage and cast-off and make it into something new and lovely and personal and unique.

Kinda like OUR HOUSE. Which is going at a snails pace. Towels I can make in a day or two.
In my spare time???? bwahahahaha