Monday, May 02, 2011

decisions, decisions.

Hooo boy. Did I ever spend a big chunk of time today picking out a few window coverings for the new house!

Some of the windows in the new house have wood shutters in place (thank goodness). But every. Other. Single. Window. In the house. That does not have a shutter. Has NOTHING covering it.

Being that the house was bank owned, it would seem that the previous owner took anything that was not nailed down and threw it out on the lawn during his month long "flea markets" that the neighbors told me about (the flea market thing explains a lot of missing things, actually).

Anyhow, once we closed escrow, we stapled up some fabric over the nekkid downstairs windows in an attempt to make the place look at least a little less vacant. We were careful to choose fabric colors that actually pass as window treatments (in other words, they don't look like granny's flower-print sheets or anything). They're even slightly coordinated. And it must be working, because we haven't had a "security breech", and from speaking with the neighbors this weekend, they all thought we were moved in. (successssss...*mwahaha~!*)

But now the real fun with the window treatment begins. The electrician is almost done, and the insulation guy comes in on the 16th, and the wood floors get refinished and the sunroom gets hardwood the week of the 23rd, and then the painter comes in the first week of June. And the painter will take down the stapled up fabric covering the windows. And I'll be damned if I'm going to staple fabric back up when he's done.

So I should go out and buy some window treatments and have them ready to go up right after the paint is dry, right??
Yah, well. None of them are standard sizes.

*big fat crazy maniacal grin*

So today I ordered some custom window coverings for three of the windows that need something special (the rest of the windows that are nekkid can get simple rods and curtains that I can alter, and I can do that easy-peasy)....but my visit with the window covering guy today?? That I thought would take about an hour??
Selecting THREE window treatments!


I spent a lot of money.


I have nooooo idea if the TheMostImportatGuy will like what I pick out!

He says he doesn't care, and that I should just go for it, but he says that about lots of things. He's already said that about both light fixtures and paint colors. He says, "I don't care," or "Whatever you choose will be fine," and I say, "Oh, great....then how about this one?" Then he says, "No, that's too modern. " Or, "I don't like the finish." Or the ever popular, "Nooooo."

Wellp, I just blew a wad on custom, non-returnable window shades that I could only describe to TheMIG over the phone before I handed over a deposit on them. It will take a few weeks for them to come in.

I'll let you know how it goes.


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

I feel your pain. I actually was charged with the mission of buying a house for the two of us - with Brian still living 90 miles away and unable to come up on short notice. THAT wasn't stressful... :)

~Donna~ said...

Makes me appreciate my apartment so much more...

BIG HUGS to you and theMIG.