Tuesday, May 31, 2011

garden haiku

Cherries looking good.

Sad: birds are eating my fruit.

But my cat eats birds.


More on dad tomorrow. No conclusive news, but the docs at least have some interesting hunches....one that involve rare syndromes that can only be identified by tests that take days to get results from.


Janice in GA said...

I have a blueberry bush.
the birds and squirrels have found it.
No blueberries for me this year.

(not a poem, but a sad observation.)

Continued good thoughts to your dad, btw.

thestashattacked said...

My strawberries are now in their pots
Birds near my patio? There's lots.
Should I be worried
No the birds will have scurried
when I start banging the pots.

Anonymous said...

sorry your dad has something unusual wrong with him- hope he's holding his own and they come up with a diagnosis very soon. suenapse