Thursday, May 19, 2011

more on that....

Ok. Time for some comments on comments.

Pickyknitter writes:
OK I'm dumb, why can't you drink out of a chipped mug? If I threw out all my chipped mugs and plates I would starve. PS. I like the idea of "the cup is already broken" - except in my house it is "the cat has already peed on this".

You wanna know what's dumb? Every. Single. One. of my cereal bowls from IKEA has a chip on it. Every. One. (I just checked). And I use them. I think the chip thing has something to do with a perfect memory being soiled by an imperfect mug or some shit LOL. And I'll see yer one cat and raise you one peeing chihuahua ;-)

Jen Anderson writes:
See, but I think repurposing it would be Buddhist too because it takes things so long to decompose in landfills that it's irresponsible to just throw things away in the name of embracing impermanence. Or something.

Dude. You are such an enabler.

thestashattacked writes:
Found some. Dunno if they're exactly the same, but they look very very similar.'Bistro-de-Paris'-Porcelain-Mugs,-Set-of-Four

Oh yay...that is THEM!! EXACTLY!! But I kinda hate you (in the best sort of way) because holy crap it's a set of mugs, and they have not just the mugs, but an actual espresso cup with the matching saucer...and matching bowls...and matching towels...and matching....


Well, I'll have plenty of time to reflect on this cup thing some more, to be sure.
Three day mediation retreat weekend again.
Yaaaaay FLOOR!


thestashattacked said...

I'm glad they match! Now, if something really bad happens to one of them, you can have backups. ;)