Wednesday, May 04, 2011

my only haha

The biggest giggle of my day (found on the blog for Yarnista/ThreeIrishGirls):

Women and cats will do whatever they like. Men and dogs should just get used to the idea.

The NON-haha's??

* Spoke to mom oh the phone just after dad's KidneyDoc appointment and wants to meet in person to discuss the results.
* My(NotSoFavoriteAtTheMoment)FavoriteKid back-talked at me today in front of his friend, and I had to ground him, so he flung things around, and accidentally hit me across the face with his guitar amplifier cord.
* ThePainter cannot start on time, and needs to start a week late. Another delay. Yay.
* TheWindowCoveringsGuy called to say that even though we spent two hours and forty-five minutes together ordering coverings for three windows, there was an error, and the fabric I chose doesn't come in the width of my windows.
* I asked the electrician to put a switch on the huge and bright motion activated light outside between the two units....and he installed the switch at the TOP of a flight of stairs (I'm on crutches...hellllloooooooo).
* The electrician either rewired the existing doorbell or put in an entirely new one, but either way...when you press's the full on "ding dong, ding dong.....ding dong...ding dong" elaborate sort of thing. It's almost like Lurch should pop out and say:


Conversation happening right this very moment with TheMostImportantGuy as I sit here typing this:
me: Bah! I am typing! And I am full of complaints!
Him: Yah, so what else is new!!! *laughing*
me: But it is my way!!!!!! *laughing*


Well, I guess there is one more bit of good news today:

The pool. She is fiiiiinally up and running...ready for swimming!!!!


thestashattacked said...

I'm gonna have creepy dreams about that dude tonight...