Friday, July 15, 2011

bullet train.

You know how I keep mumbling, "I keep thinking I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it keeps being another train,"....???

Yah, well. It's not only a train. It a freakin' bullet train.

Today I brought Teeny the chihuahua in for her 4-week post-op check up (she had both back legs operated on). I brought Riley along too, because I cant leave him alone in his present state. While I there waiting, I did my "every couple of hours wound check," and sure enough, the incision was opening again. It also didn't smell so great.

He went back into surgery. His third surgery, his fourth procedure (one was a re-suture under lighter sedation). They've done a fairly aggressive removal of tissue today, have cultured whatever his happening underneath, have sew him up with some other method that involves much more reinforcement, and they are sounding very worried about infection. They are keeping him overnight.

I am just beside myself, am crying lots, and just feel outright sick to my stomach.

Riley, back in April 2008 when he first came to live with us

For anyone looking for me at the Ravelry Meet-Up, I just dunno, guys. As Riley had seemed to be improving, and so the plan was that I'd be in the car with Riley while TheMostImportantGuy set up and tore down the sound equipment he is loaning to the event....and then TheMIG would wait in the car with Riley while I went into the event itself. I have no friggin' idea if putting Riley in a car for that length of time is a good idea. We'll decide on Sunday morning, but tight now, it feels like it's not a great idea. If that's the case, I will be home with Riley, but TheMIG will be there in a room full of knitters....and he's used to being around one or two knitters, but not a whole event full of them. Please direct him to the potluck tables if his eyes look glazed over from all the fiber fumes. A plate of snacks will help him stay grounded.

And as for Portland? Well, I'll know more after I speak with the vet again tomorrow when I pick Riley up, but what is happening is that every time Riley gets re-sutured, they reset the "remove the sutures in 2-weeks," date....and the kennel was agreeable to handling him with kid gloves, but that was with sutures out, cone off. I'm not sure if they're gonna be able to take him. If he's this close to post-surgery.

But really. Activities and trips are not what I'm worried about. I'm worried about my poor little dog. That didn't do anything wrong except to be a dunderhead and approach that damned aggressive dog with his happy face and wagging tail. I'm worried about why he's not healing weel, and I'm really really worried about the infection.

Secondarily, I'm worried about my mental state and my ability to function and relate to other people. In fact, if you just see photos here for the next day or two, it's because I'm just trying to get my head on straight.


not supergirl said...

Wow, and yuck. And I'm so sorry for your worry and distress. Poor Riley.
Also, you know, you don't even owe us pictures, right? So you really don't need to feel apologetic about doing what you need to do. I know I'm not the only one who cares about the pup (and you) from afar, but I'd rather you do something restful and healing for yourself than worry about the blog, if it is not restful and healing for you at this time. And since it's all about me (just kind of realized how self-absorbed all that above kind of sounds), well, you are allowed some time off.

Kerry said...

Poor little Riley. And poor little you. How's your favorite kid holding up? Know I'm here reading and sending lots of hugs and love your way. I hope things turn quickly and Riley makes a full recovery.

Guernseygal said...

Poor Riley :-( Much mojo for quick healing.
Don't worry about us family comes first ( and yes pets ARE family)do what you have to do - we all all be here when you get back
hugs xx

painting with fire said...

Wow and yuck is about right - Poor Riley and poor you. I hope he can beat the infection and get better soon with, ideally, no more surgeries. This sounds so horribly stressful on top of an already stressful few months. Thinking good thoughts for all of you!