Sunday, August 28, 2011

chipping away at it. like a sculpture.

Here's a shot of the bedroom at the new house as of today.

Just a progress shot.

No art is up yet, we also have a gorgeous mirror that still needs to be hung, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a good deal on a rug that looks cool but wont get caught up in a wheelchair, there will definitely more of that beer-bottle green color entering the room by way of throw pillows and plants maybe a vase or something, that white torchiere lamp is going to be replaced with an architectural looking task lamp on the nightstand, and.....I am still on the hunt for just the right night stands, too ('cuz the TV trays we are using now are not exactly what I had in mind LOL).

I need to take some close-up shots, because some of my favorite things about what's going on so far aren't even showing up in this photo. The base of the vintage green glass lamp has a very groovy texture to it (not to mention the base lights up like a little mood lamp), the duvet cover is actually a navy pinstripe material kinda like a man's business suit, and the white throw on the end of the bed is matelasse, so it has a bunch of quilted swirly textures on it that somehow magically relate back to the lamp.

I'm having fun. It's slow, but fun.
And sleeping there this weekend was quite nice, too :-)


The Bon said...

This looks so, so lovely!!

not supergirl said...

I'm loving this!

thestashattacked said...

Wow. It's beautiful!