Friday, August 19, 2011

the highlight of my day...

Let me set the scene:

It's 6:55am and I've only had a haylf a cup o' joe. I am driving MyFavoriteKid to school for his 7am pre-school marching band practice. We are rolling up to the curb when MyFk announces:

"I've been talking to MyBestBud, and we've decided that instead of going to a "regular" college, we are just going to go to a community college. It will save you money! So you're okay, with that mom...right??! Okay! Bye!!"

The car door is now open and he has one foot out the door.


To which I of course shout after him, "Let's talk about this later, when we have more time, ok?!"

Now, I'm not against community college guys. In fact I myself went to a community college. But it was because I didn't have the grades or the financial means to go elsewhere. In my 30's I even made use of a trade school (culinary), but that was a career choice-- a career change, actually.

My concern, with a child that is only just beginning high school this year, is that he set his going target a little low. I know that some of this is due to the fact that MyBestBud's dad is presently out of work and that his friend is setting his own target low because of that, because he is recognizing financial despair....but I actually come from the camp that MyBestBud should therefore be setting his target even higher and striving for a scholarship.

I come from the camp that if MyFK wants to go a community college that it should be his choice, not his only option, and that his next four years of high school should be spent aiming to set himself towards the place of being able to make the choice. To have options. I'm not the type of parent to push my kid in a direction he doesn't want to go.....but I'm not about to let him spend the next four years aiming for the low target, either.

I'm thrilled to report that TheMostImportantGuy is willing to sit down and be part of this conversation with MyFK tonight, because MyFK doesn't really view TheMIG as a parental figure. He views him as just a really cool older guy who has his shit together and has a good job and also still does fun stuff on the side. But one of the things TheMIG does is a whoooole lot of hiring and firing, and he regularly screens piles and piles of resumes, so I feel he can give a completely different perspective, and hopefully one that MyFK can hear.

So now over chinese food tonight, I get to have the talk.
The first of a kajillion, I am sure LOL.


The Bon said...

Hope the talk goes/went ok! What a time to tell you about his decision. :P