Tuesday, August 02, 2011

how random can i get

Since I cannot seem to organize my thoughts, here they are, quite disorganized:

* Sock Summit was a ton of fun. I ran into lots of old friends, and made some new ones.

* It was really hard to go from being trapped in my house like a hermit for 3 weeks to being full of a convention center of crazy (in the best sort of way) knitters. Especially when knitters have no sense of the "18" of personal space" rule and usually come right up and touch you and whatever you are wearing. I don't mind that sort of thing (I am guilty of it, too). But it was a SHARP contrast.

* Credit where credit is due: It is TheBon that shot that video, not me, but I was watching from just about the same vantage point. It made me tear up a bit.

* Riley is looking great. His stitches come out Friday, and he loses the cone, too. At that point I'll learn more about the next step for his fracture jaw and if he has to have that canine tooth pulled.

* Teeny is not looking so great. I came home to see her walking on only three legs. I'm hoping it's just over-exertion while I was gone (she was supposed to be on very limited activity for another 3 weeks). I'm bringing her with me to Riley's appointment on Friday to have the doc take a peek.

* I fixed the shawl, finished the shawl, and am blocking the shawl. Woot!

* I bought some stuff at Sock Summit. Mostly tools, plus some fun gadgets and project bags. A few skeins of yarn (hat for TheMostImportantGuy, some yarn for a new WestKnits mystery pattern knit along thing going on right now). Considering I have missed Stitches the last two years, and haven't been to any other fiber festivals, I think I did fine.

* KarenTheDancingLurker and I got to use the studio at the new house today to do some dance work. First time!

* On the drive up to Sock Summit, I decided that this little trip this weekend was The End Of An Era. See, it was last year in July that I went to a knitter's weekend in Seattle. And when I came home, TheMIG's dad was sick and passing, and then, well....no sense repeating it all...it's been a hard year. And here it was 12 months later and I'm on my up to the Pacific Northwest again for another knitter's weekend. I have decided that these two weekends are bookends. Time for life to shift. Dammit.

* And apparently I have passed the friggin' baton. One friend's brother-in-law cut his foot with a chain saw. Another's mother was just diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. And one of MyFavoriteKid's close friends was diagnosed this morning with a tumor near his kidney. WTF?!?!?!?!!!!

* I am watching a really interesting program on PBS right now, while typing. It's about plants. Apples, tulips, marijuana...and I think now potatoes. Makes me want to get a garden growing at the new house. Sans MaryJane, though.

* And I'm tired. I also had physical therapy today. First time in weeks.
So I am off to bed.


bibliogrrl said...

OOHH! Must be a Pollan/Botany of Desire documentary.

I should totally sit still at some point and watch it. :D

The Bon said...

Is the show Botany of Desire? I was told the show was way better than the book (I read the book) because Pollan repeats himself a great deal in the book. I love the fascinating history bits he covers though!