Monday, August 22, 2011

i think what i do is send back the bill

I went and saw my physical therapist today, the one that specializes in scars and fascia and all that I have on my bod that is so torn up. Nothing was wrong, but I just felt like I needed a "tune up" as things were pulling here and there and getting kinda tight.

At one point he did something to my neck that he'd never done before, where I was lying on my back and he kinda did some sort of traction maneuver, where he pulled my neck real long, and in a very unpleasant jerky way. When he let it go, I had screeching pain. I couldn't turn my head to the left or put my left ear to my left shoulder without feeling like I was being stabbed (or wanted to stab someone).

And I pay for this. Bah humbug!!

He felt horrible, and he put me on ice, and put some sort of rub on me, and did a little more work to try to fix it.....and it's not quite so screechy....but it still hurts and I'm still icing at home, and all I feel like doing is not moving. And I have a list of things to do that only seems to get longer lately. And I am a Crabby McCrabberson!!!