Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In regards to some previous posts and comments:

* I dont mind that the ladies are all choosing to knit with the pom-pom yarn (although I do think it's a bit weird that they're all jumpin' on the train together at the same time).
They are excited, and as their their teacher, I am excited that they are excited. I always tell them that I support them in whatever they want to try (and I mean it)....even if it's not something I'm totally into....or something I don't even know how to do yet (because I'd be happy to go learn the new skill and then teach them, or direct us both to someone who could show us).
No, I'd probably never wear a hat or scarf out of the pom-pom yarn myself, but it would be something most kids would go bananas for and I would happily knit one if there was a person in my life that wanted one. I also have to admit that this yarn would make one rad mod-looking throw pillow, and I wouldn't mind having one on the couch that will be coming for my new office/craftrooom.
My real issue with the yarn isn't that I mind them choosing it, it's that it's a bit harder for me to teach with it. I wouldn't say it's the best choice as an early knitting project (and several of my gals are just learning to knit). There's a skill to casting on with it, you have to work with the yarn differently because you are knitting using only the thread between each pom-pom, and the stuff is a bitch to tink or frog, and forget about trying to pick up a dropped stitch.

* I am not at anti-BigBoxMedicine place. Most of the practitioners are fabulous, it's just that the system doesn't seem to allow them to give the kind of personalized care they seem to want to give. I have received some of the best and most personalized care from the physical therapy departments, and my dad might not be here if it weren't for the very same BigBox's hospital's ICU docs taking a huge interest in finding the root of his issues.

* I had to laugh at Pickyknitter's suggestion of using the aid of a paper plate in my *cough cough* collection of samples, because the kit they gave me includes several red and white paper the kind of french-fry boats you'd get a burger joint. hahahaha


The Bon said...

I thought of you and the pom pom yarn today! I was at ben franklin's and there was this yarn out front that had like, chenille tubes of different lengths along it. I don't know what yarn it was, but man, it was interesting.