Friday, August 12, 2011

no wonder i have i migraine today.

(and those are just a few of the people in front of us!)
(and we arrived early!!)

Today was freshman registration day at the High School (I still cannot believe MyFavoriteKid is going into High School sometimes...sheesh!

Turning in forms, proving residency, getting the schedule, paying fees (which were shockingly large...can you say, "public school"??), picking up textbooks and PE uniforms, and having photos taken for the yearbook and for the school identification card.

They suggested the whole process would take about an hour.

It took us two hours and forty-five minutes.

No wonder I have a migraine.


~Donna~ said...

With all the funding cuts, the schools have to get their money in somehow.

Can't wait til the nickel and diming starts for Spence's last year. It's going to be Senior this that and the other thing.

I can still see the whole scene of us dropping him off that first day of First Grade as clear as if it was yesterday. Sigh.