Sunday, September 04, 2011

before and after

Not the best shots, but it's late, and I was just heading off to bed when I realized I hadn't posted yet tonight. I hope I haven't shown these before, because it seems like I may have!

Here's a before and after shot of "the carriage house" (the in-law apartment upstairs from the detached garage behind the hew house). They aren't taken from the same perspective, unfortunately. The "before" was taken from about where the kitchen is, looking towards the entry...while the "after" was taken from the entry looking into the apartment.

The floors are the original wood, refinished...amazing.

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(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...


~Donna~ said...

Gorgeous! That looks like a place someone would LOVE to live in...looks like it gets lots of natural light.


Gayle Grace, Professional Organizer said...

yes, it's tough to get good before/after shots, I have to do hundreds of them and learning to stand in the same place, have the same lighting, etc...and most people still can't tell it's the same room!

thestashattacked said...

Wow. Those were hiding under that carpet?! Great find! They're beautiful!