Monday, October 24, 2011

fall cleaning

I'm a little busy here this week. I am determined to power through some fall cleaning. Purging, to be specific. It certainly didn't happen as a spring cleaning, that's for sure.... construction/remodeling, hospital visits, doggie/vet drama. There was definitely no time for the annual cull of the closet.

But today has been productive. I now have 3 paper bags worth of clothes ready to go to the donation shop. I have another large, over-flowing bag that I am going to try bringing in to a consignment shop and get some cash flowing my way. And then there is a small bag of things ready to be the new "rag bag" or just go out to the garbage (the clothes are ripped or stained or worn out).

I'm getting rid of more than I usually do, but it's warranted: I am changing my look.

This is more of what I am going for.

me, last Saturday night
out to dinner and a rock concert

I still want to be fun and spunky, but....well. Let's face it.
I'm in my mid-forties.
It's time to tighten things up just a bit. hahahaha

In other words I am letting go of (most) the things that make me look like a 40 year old who is trying to be 20 (I say most, because some of it I still have fun wearing when I'm cleaning house or working out, or whatever)

But I need to move these things out so I make room for things that are fun and spunky but....

...dare I say it??

Clothes that make me look my age.

Ok, well maybe 10 years younger.
Just not 20.


~Donna~ said...

I am going thru just about the same thing.

I find myself losing inches lately and have decided it's time not only to look my age (ok, 10 years younger), but to stop looking like Mrs Potato Sack.

Time to stop hiding under big baggy clothes and start wearing clothes that fit my body just right.

I predict a Ms Cow fashion blog post in this over at the Chaos soon...

not supergirl said...

That is a very good look on you. I need to change my look from utilitarian fat 40 year-old to... something better. Luckily, lots of looks are better! ;)

~Donna~ said...

PS, I second Not Supergirl. You are totally rockin that look!

Do you still have the "rocker chick" hair? Can't tell in the photo, but it does look good on you, no matter what.

Linda said...

The age appropriate but not frumpy line is a fine line to walk, I find. I am struggling with that myself. I am 57. DH loves tight clothes, sky high heels and big hair. Yes, he is stuck in the 80 s. LOL. Still, I have trouble deciding, sometimes, on what looks right for me, doesn't age me but doesn't look like I am trying to be 30 again. Your current look is a good one.