Thursday, October 27, 2011

just call me migraine jane

I'm going to do this post in bullets, since I sort of feel like shooting my head off.

* I woke up with a migraine and popped over-the-counter migraine meds to try to nip it in the bud.

* I also woke up from a strange dream where there was this very artsy looking black and white photo of a woman in an space suit, on the moon, tossing her head back, while shaking hands (well, the trunk) of an elephant. When I looked at the photo more closely, the woman was me, and whomever I was talking to in the dream said TheMostImportantGuy was the photographer. If someone out there is into decoding dreams, have fun with that. LOL

* Today was the 2nd meet-up of the High School Knitting Club, held during their lunch period. Last meeting was 1 advising/curious teacher and 3 kids. Today there was the 1 teacher again, and about 18 kids (it was such a blur, I couldn't keep track). 2 of the kids were guys, who sorta slinked in behind a girl who said, "they're curious, but not sure if they want to join." Of course, I told the boys how some of the coolest knitters and designers I know guys.
The boys sat down at another table, and when I said, "So, what...are you going to make a 'boys table'? Or are you going to join us," they both popped up and moved closer and one said, "I thought you'd never ask." When I sent them over to the table where the yarn was piled up so they could pick a color, I said, "Don't worry....there's some manly stuff in there like camo green, denim blue, and I think there is still some black left," one of the guys got up to get the yarn, and the guy who stayed seated said, "Hey, dude. Toss me that hot pink over there."
The kids were amazing. Last week they learned how to cast-on. During the week some of them had learned to knit from friends or family members or the internet. Some learned to knit just in the first few minutes of today's class. All who got it immediately helped the ones who were new today. Two of the kids that showed up already know how to knit. And the teacher came and knit a couple of rows and then asked for 2nd ball of yarn (a yarn-ho in the making).

* Florescent lighting at the High School and 18+ excited teenagers cancelled out the OTC migraine meds.

* I went directly from the High School to the teach the Senior Center Knitting Group (talk about whip-lash--haha). One experienced knitter that we haven't seen in awhile showed up for the first time with a walker. And we had another lady that came needing help with her crochet. I don't crochet. The other ladies actually talked her into ripping out the crochet lap blanket that she was working, and they offered her knitting needles. I kinda can't believe she did it. The blanket was almost done! But I think we have a new member. She picked up knitting right away.

* Florescent lighting at the Senior Center and 6 seniors and the migraine was getting so bad, I thought I might be heading for the tossing-my-cookies sort of migraine.

* I am home now, and have just taken a second round of OTC meds. I'm trying to avoid taking the prescription meds because the zonk me out, and I am supposed to teach dance class tonight. And back-lighting from the computer screen might re-cancel the OTC meds, so I am just about outta here.

I believe the migraine is because a) Aunt Flo has come for a visit, and because b) I've been dicking around with the caffeine again.
You'd think I'd learn.
No wonder MyFavoritedKid doesn't learn from his mistakes! hahaha