Friday, October 14, 2011

things i learned today

I learned that....

1) The IKEA restaurant opens 30 minutes before the rest of the store, and the coffee is free until 10am (oooooo, I sinned!!! Decaf coffee with a splash of half & half and a dash of sugar---I've had none of those things in a month, but who can pass up free).

Who cares if I'm having a coffee. Sheesh. I'm amazed I was able to talk myself out of the lingonberry crepes, for crying out loud.

2) Why I woke up with a stiff neck and little headache: last night in dance class we were improvising, and I did this wonderful ever so graceful arch over the back of my wheelchair (while seated), when I completely flipped myself and the wheelchair right over. I landing flat on my back. My dance-mates were of course concerned, but one of them joked that I had also just invented the wheelchair version of a Turkish Drop.

I would have never even attempted that maneuver when I had two legs.

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