Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Photo taken at a sheep farm I visited over the weekend that I can't seem to find time to post about (*sigh*).

I got fully overwhelmed today teaching the high school kids knitting. Fourteen new kids showed up (in addition to the already registered 41). I didn't have enough supplies for all of the new kids, but most....but ask me what it's like teaching that many new kids how to cast-on and knit when we only have 45 minutes together.

Then I came home and help keep MyFavoriteKid on track while he studies for mid-terms some more, all the while roasted 5 sheet pans full of various fall vegetables I shopped for today so that I have something to eat at the meditation retreat I am trying to get to this weekend (because now that I am allergic to everything they toss into the communal soup I normally partake in, I have to bring my own food. Yay me.)

I'm actually happy. Just a bit overwhelmed.