Monday, November 14, 2011

knitting like a kid on fruit loops....

Today has been full and hectic, and I really need to take a moment to post about this past weekend, because I had a good time and have some great photos. Tomorrow I have a bigger chunk of time, but tonight, since I have less, I am going to tell you that my knitting is sorta driving me crazy right now!!

I have way too many projects going, and I'm dibble-dabbling with each of them, actively knitting and making progress, to be sure....but it's scattered, and making me crazy.

I have the sweater going, which went off track (for not the first time), but is now back on track and almost done. The most recent issue is that when I went from knitting flat (for the body) into the round (for the sleeves) my gauge changed enough to make me want to rip the sleeves out and tinker with different needle sizes. I'm almost done with the first sleeve. Again.

I started a hat for my mom using a club kit and yarn (yay me! using the club stuff!) and got half way through, but mom doesn't like the color or style. So I'm throwing a row onto it here and there, but barely, because I'm knitting the hat she really wants.

The hat she really wants has a bunch of cables all over it (every other row has cabling) and it's on a purl background. I'm doing it. But it's slow. Because that's not my favorite kind of knitting.

I am knitting fuzzy rabbit slippers, following along with a student who wants to knit them, and it involves thrumming, which I have never done before. Super fast knit, except that I am never going farther along than she is, so I can demo for her all the little pattern bits that she needs to be guided through.

And the two matching mystery shawls I was working on are just sitting there weeping.
Plus about 400 different projects I have seen lately that I would really like to try knitting....things I haven't done before, I dont do that much, or things I like to wear (like more knee-highs)....

...and so the point is, I am completely scatterbrained with my knitting right now and moving along, but not finishing anything, and my brain is melting due to switching between charts and thrums and whatnot.

I think I need a weekend to myself to just do one. at. a. time.
And be done with it!


The Bon said...

I hate that feeling! Hopefully things have settled down.